State of the Art - Facilities & Resources

Holy Cross is committed to providing high quality facilities and resources for students and staff to use and a huge range of new building, upgrading and refurbishment has taken place in recent years. You will notice straight away not only the beautiful architecture and the impressive appearance of the College along Manchester Road, but also how beautifully it is cared for, looked after, and maintained inside. In all our buildings we have striven at all times to allow full accessibility to as large a part of the site as possible.

Some recent developments have included:

Emilie Mary Building

The significant refurbishing of the Emilie-Mary building, unifying its appearance, restoring its bell tower (and historic bell, which chimes on the hour) and renewing all the classroom facilities. The student social area and refectory also benefitted from this major upgrade, with students choosing the new decor.

Kentigern Building

The construction of a completely new building - Kentigern. This building has outstanding teaching and learning facilities, and accommodates a number of subject areas including Psychology, History, Law, Politics, Theology and Philosophy and General RE. A beautiful new College Chapel (complete with stained glass and a historic altar) is incorporated within this facility. Perhaps one day, former students of Holy Cross will be able to get married there!

Art and Design

A major upgrade and expansion of the outstanding Art and Design department, giving a huge range of spacious work and display spaces. State of the art Apple technology is standard and all facilities offer students first class equipment and resources.

Biology Laboratory

The Biology department has recently benefitted from the creation of an extra, new laboratory and student and staff work areas.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts department has a new high quality dance studio together with support facilities.

Student Services

The Student Services area has been completely remodelled and enlarged to allow for improved reception and staff work areas so that students have better and easier access to these facilities.

New Library

Finally, we have just created a vastly enlarged library and study space, with further classrooms and meeting rooms – including facilities for our Psychology degree – in the Mary Kelly building.

All these developments – added to the excellent facilities we have already for learning, sport, drama, music and the arts – and of course for student life (such as our refectory and coffee shop, and social and study areas) – show what a thriving community we are. And, at the centre, there is always the same strong focus on providing the very best for our students.

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