Please find below list of members of each of our committees and an overview of their purpose. Full term of Reference for each committee can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Property & Finance

Helen Stainton (C), Mark Bentley, Anne Fox, David Frost, Kath Hayhurst, Tony Noblet, Stella Smith

The Property & Finance Committee meets twice per Term and otherwise as required. Its purpose is to ensure that the College manages its financial and physical resources effectively and efficiently.


Mandy Jones (C), Anne Fox, David Frost, Ilona Lewandowski, Helena Leyden, Tony Noblet


Tony Noblet (C), Anne Fox, Mandy Jones, Ilona Lewandowski, Helena Leyden

Quality & Standards

Phil Brown (C), Anne Fox, Helena Leyden, Jean McCool, Stella Smith, Helen Stainton

The Quality & Standards Committee advises the Governing Body on arrangements for assuring the quality and standards of activities within the College.


Andrew Lilley (C), Roxana Khan, Helena Leyden, Paula Walsh

The Audit Committee meets three times a year with the Internal and External Auditors in attendance for relevant items on the agenda. The Committee considers detailed reports together with recommendations for the improvement of the College systems of internal control and management’s responses and implementation plans. It also receives and considers reports from the Learning Skills Council as they affect the College’s business and monitors adherence to the regulatory requirements.


Anne Fox (C), David Frost, Helena Leyden, Helen Stainton

The Search Committee meets as and when necessary, and advises the Governing Body on the appointment of members of the Governing Body (other than the Principal and Foundation Governors).

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