COVID-19 Advice

Tuesday 30th June 2020

COVID-19 Advice

• We do hope all our students and staff have as wonderful a summer holiday as possible, so they can arrive refreshed for an exciting new term in the autumn.

• College will be closed to students throughout the summer, so you cannot come in without an appointment arranged through a senior member of staff, until Enrolment begins.

• Enrolment for new students begins on Friday 21st August, and will take a full week to allow full social distancing and safety, and avoid all forms of crowding. On the advice of the high schools, we are allowing GCSE Results Day this year to remain free for appointments at schools and celebrations. Please wait patiently for your appointment to enrol – you will not be disadvantaged by the spacing out of appointments to ensure safe enrolment.

• The exact dates for the resumption of on-site teaching for existing students will be posted here soon after Results Day. Students should ensure they are available from the beginning of September.

• We are planning for every possible scenario this autumn: (1) full reopening to all students in a completely normal way; (2) a new, state-of-the-art ‘blended learning’ experience for all students, based on our considerable experience of running a University Centre, with online lectures/live lessons, small group tutorials/seminars in College, and engaging assignments/presentations, in preparation for a return to normal timetable as soon as the Government permits; (3) a fully online model of live teaching lectures and tutorials, if lockdown returns.

• We will let you know during Enrolment week what the latest Government advice is, and how much we can be on-site, and how much we need to be online, in the first few weeks. We are certainly hoping to be 100% back in College relatively early in the new academic year.

During term time, we will continue to make available appropriate care for the most vulnerable, those with High Needs, students whose parents are Key Workers, and students who have pastoral worries or other significant issues requiring one-to-one support. Existing students should all contact their relevant Progress Tutors (Support Tutors in the UC) by email in the first instance, for any assistance required. Note, however, that there are no plans for students or teaching/pastoral staff to be on-site over the summer – please allow staff their out-of-hours times and their holidays.

All general enquiries should still be directed via email to

More detail (including for new students looking forward to joining us next year, or urgent Safeguarding issues) may be found via the following Further Advice link below, and links to the Risk Assessment and Action Plan for return, and the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ advice for safe behaviour around the site.

LINKS TO: Further Detailed Advice  Dos and Don'ts  Risk Assessment


Friday 26th June 2020


Second year Art and Design students from Holy Cross College are holding an unprecedented online exhibition of their work, developed through their own self-run group 'The Collective'. The exhibition is a celebration of the student’s artistic achievements over the past two years at college, which were cut short when the college closed due to Covid-19. The exhibition is accessible to the public, free of charge and will be live from Friday 26 June until Friday 10th July.

June 2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of The Collective’s annual art exhibitions. This current show is simply named 10 in honour of this and offers a unique chance to see the students’ best work from across each Art and Design subject (Art, Graphics, Photography and Textiles) as well as including supporting statements written by the students themselves.

Created during lockdown, this exhibition is intended to be a celebration for the students, as well as offering some creative visual enjoyment for its audience during this difficult time. Although it is not taking place in a physical gallery environment as originally planned, the new online format means it can be accessed on a larger scale than ever before, and the students’ achievements and passion can be enjoyed by the wider public.

We think you will enjoy visiting their work here: 'Ten' Exhibition

'Which schools in the North West get the most offers from Oxford and C

Saturday 20th June 2020

'Which schools in the North West get the most offers from Oxford and C

A highly relevant and interesting article for students, a hugely positive message for our current and future students at Holy Cross. It’s great to be recognised for this achievement, particularly now that we have expanded our Excellence Programme so there should be even more successes in coming years.

Les Miserables School Edition: Virtual performance

Friday 5th June 2020

Les Miserables School Edition: Virtual performance

The college production of Les Miserables School Edition that was going to be performed in March was cancelled, even though this was hugely disappointing, in the grand scheme of things, it's understandably a small price to pay in comparison to the wider national and global picture at present.

Holy Cross student Lucas Labrow has been secretly co-ordinating a virtual performance of the show with other cast members. For anyone who had tickets or who is a fan of Les Mis you might like to see the work the students have done on their own initiative.

The Sixth Form Colleges Association Art Exhibition

Thursday 4th June 2020

The Sixth Form Colleges Association Art Exhibition

Today is the launch of At Home, the SFCA's online exhibition of digital art work made by sixth form college students during, and in response to, the Covid-19 lockdown. We are pleased to announce that six of our Year 1 A+D students are representing Holy Cross in this national exhibition, sharing their work alongside more than 140 students from 46 colleges.

Our participating students - Isabel Birchall, Lauren Borg, Edward Colliston, Alicia Hartley, Abigail Leak and Sadie Rogerson, have worked (remotely) in pairs to make three works between them in response to the brief. Taking place during lockdown this collaborative approach posed some creative and logistical challenges, but our students have shown excellent initiative, imagination and teamwork skills to create their work at this time.

The exhibition was developed to promote interpretations and experiences of lockdown from a young person’s perspective, and our students have created three highly individual, personal responses which showcase a range of their artistic talent through photography, painting and digital design. Their works reconsider the site of home, exploring ideas around routine, domestic space, everyday objects, digital communication and how the internet has made our once private space of home more public.

We are especially proud of, and impressed by, their independent creative spirit and their ability to work effectively with each other at this challenging time.

The At Home exhibition is now live at:

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The College site is now closed to students until after the summer holidays (except where arranged with senior staff for a specific reason). Following the end of this teaching term, preparations are underway for an exciting start to the new academic year. We will recover from lockdown in innovative ways, really helping both our new and current students to settle in and make rapid academic progress. More detail on all our Covid-19 arrangements under ‘Latest News’.