Update from the Eco Group on reducing single use plastic in college

Thursday 26th November 2020

Update from the Eco Group on reducing single use plastic in college

You Asked, We Did!

Holy Cross College’s ‘Eco Group’ are making a real difference in college with the help and support from all staff and students, so a huge “Thank You” to all involved.

The Eco Group was recently tasked by students to take steps to reduce single use plastic within the College environment. They have taken the following actions to address this issue:

• Biodegradable disposables in the Refectory and Coffee Central
• Bottled water from a carbon neutral bottling plant
• Wide range of drinks packaged in a variety of materials from recycled plastic to Tetra Pak cartons and cans
• All our school-compliant plastic bottle drinks are 100% recyclable

The group are always open to practical suggestions from everyone within College and will offer practical ideas and advice on how both individuals and larger groups can reduce their impact on the environment we all share.

Engineering Cadet Success

Tuesday 17th November 2020

Engineering Cadet Success

We have recently heard from one of our past students (Sarah-Jayne Hartley-Rudd) about the success she has enjoyed in taking a less conventional route to achieving her degree in Engineering. Sarah-Jayne left us in 2017 and has since gained much from the choices made at that stage. It is lovely to be able to share her story here and we wish her luck in her career in the years ahead:

“While I was at Holy Cross College, I studied Maths, Further Maths and Physics. After completing these A levels, I was originally planning to go on to study engineering at university. However, I found an alternative route to gain engineering qualifications without university and applied to be an engineering cadet; a three year programme which would give me a Foundation degree in Marine Engineering and an ‘Officer of the Watch Ticket’ for merchant vessels. I will complete my degree in a few months time.

During the course engineers spend a total of 8 months at sea on a range of ships, from cruise ships to oil tankers. I completed my sea time on a car carrier sailing through parts of Australia and Asia, and later a ferry in the North Sea. For anyone considering a career in engineering I would strongly recommend joining the merchant navy. One of the key points which attracts people to this life is the promise of worldwide travel which I cannot recommend enough!

The course has helped to shape me as a person. Being part of a team onboard ship gives you a lot of confidence – both personally and professionally. As an engineer, you can be required to lead a team, and this gives a sense of fulfilment when the operation is complete. The career provides managerial and team building skills which can easily be applied to any other role. As the merchant navy can take you anywhere in the world, you encounter many different nationalities. It is great to experience other cultures and learn about them.”

Virtual Open Event

Thursday 15th October 2020

Virtual Open Event

Sadly we can't currently host visitors on site for open events as we would normally during October.  However, to provide an opportunity for students and their parent/carers to find out more about our provision, we will be hosting a 'Virtual Open Event' between Monday 2nd and Friday 27th November 2020.

Visitors to this event will be able to access a bespoke site via our website and will be able to hear from our Principal, Carina Vitti, take a virtual tour of the college, gain information about our ethos and mission, and access information about the subjects we offer.  Opportunities will exist for visitors to send in questions and for students to initiate an application for September 2021 if this is something they wish to pursue.

In addition, our senior leadership team will also be available to take direct questions remotely on two dates during the event: Wednesday 11th and Thursday 19th November between 6.00 -7.30 pm.

We hope you find the event of of value to you.


Thursday 8th October 2020


The links below provide further guidance relating to COVID-19 that has been sent out to parents/carers this week. The letter outlines the latest guidance from the College about COVID-19, including an update on local restrictions, what to do if required to self-isolate, NHS Track and Trace and local testing locations. The PDF includes more detail about the recently launched NHS Track and Trace app.

COVID-19 Letter to parents/carers

NHS COVID-19 app Fact Sheet

World Mental Health Day

Wednesday 7th October 2020

World Mental Health Day

Saturday 10th October marks World Mental Day.

To highlight the campaign the Psychology team have been issuing daily tips to their students. These have included, “Do something different and make a connection”.

Ideas for fulfilling this are:

• talk to someone instead of sending a text or an email;
• speak to someone new;
• put 5 minutes aside to see how someone really is; have a brew with someone.

Small things can make a huge difference.

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