Results Day 2020

Thursday 13th August 2020

Results Day 2020

We are really proud of all of our students who have worked so hard to achieve outstanding results. We would like to congratulate them all.

Dr. Daveth Frost, retiring Principal of Holy Cross College has said,

“I am delighted once again to see so many students achieving so highly, including gaining straight A*/A grades. These already good numbers are likely to rise significantly in the next few weeks, as the Government has announced some last minute changes in the process which could potentially affect hundreds of our students, as it has in Scotland. We will be supporting all of these to gain the results they deserve, and the exceptional university and career placements they have worked so hard for.

My thanks are due to our hardworking students, our wonderful staff, our governors and all who help the College in any way. Holy Cross continues to serve the people of Bury and neighbouring districts as it always has, as a unique institution with a resolute focus on supporting each unique individual to achieve his or her potential."

We wish ALL our students every success in the future.

Please Enjoy Results Day Safely

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Please Enjoy Results Day Safely

We are always incredibly proud of all our students’ achievements on results day, indeed throughout your time with us, and 2020 will not be any different in this respect. However, we recognise that for those of you in our 2020 cohort so very much has been different about this academic year, and this sadly extends to the restrictions in place currently and how these will impact on celebrating your results.

We understand the on-going frustrations with this, but it remains so important that all students, like everyone else, choose to follow existing guidelines in regard to the current situation including social distancing rules to help prevent a further rise in infections. We understand that you will want to meet up, but please do so in a safe place, at a safe distance and in small numbers.

Be proud of what you achieve on results day but if you're getting together, please follow the rules:

  • You can't meet people you don't live with indoors, or in a private garden
  • If you meet people outside, keep a 2m distance apart
  • Self-isolate and get a test if you get symptoms

If you’re feeling anxious, lonely, or worried, about your exam results it’s important to talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling.  Find support in your area at or text GM to 85258 anytime @GiveUsAShout #TogetherGM

2020 Information to Candidates

Tuesday 11th August 2020

2020 Information to Candidates

Detailed information for candidates relating to A Level and Level 3 BTEC results can be found here: 2020 Information to Candidates

COVID-19 Advice

Tuesday 11th August 2020

COVID-19 Advice

COVID-19, Enrolment & Results

• We do hope all our students and staff are having as wonderful a summer holiday as possible, so they can arrive refreshed for an exciting new term in the autumn.

• College will be closed to students throughout the summer, so you cannot come in without an appointment arranged through a senior member of staff, until Enrolment begins.

• For information on Results Days, Grades and Appeals see the link ‘Further Detailed Advice (including on Results)’ below.

• Enrolment for new students begins on Friday 21st August, and will take a full week to allow full social distancing and safety, and avoid all forms of crowding. On the advice of the high schools, we are allowing GCSE Results Day this year to remain free for appointments at schools and celebrations. Please wait patiently for your appointment to enrol – you will not be disadvantaged by the spacing out of appointments to ensure safe enrolment.

• The exact dates for the resumption of on-site teaching for existing students will be posted here soon after Results Day. Students should ensure they are available from the beginning of September. New students will be given their exact start date at enrolment. In both cases it will be in the week commencing 7th September – so make sure you are ready to go – and fully quarantined by then, if necessary!

• We are planning for every possible scenario as the new term proceeds: (1) initially a new, state-of-the-art ‘blended learning’ experience for all students, based on our considerable experience of running a University Centre, with tutorials/seminars in College, online lectures/live lessons to supplement these,and engaging assignments/presentations, in preparation for either (2) eventual full reopening to all students in a completely normal way; (3) a fully online model of live teaching lectures and tutorials, if lockdown returns

• We will let you know during Enrolment week what the latest Government advice is, and how much we can be on-site, and how much we need to be online, in the first few weeks. We are certainly hoping to be 100% back in College relatively early in the new academic year.

During term time, we will continue to make available appropriate care for the most vulnerable, those with High Needs, students whose parents are Key Workers, and students who have pastoral worries or other significant issues requiring one-to-one support. Existing students should all contact their relevant Progress Tutors (Support Tutors in the UC) by email in the first instance, for any assistance required. Note, however, to please allow staff their out-of-hours times and their holidays.

All general enquiries should still be directed via email to

More detail (including for new students looking forward to joining us next year, urgent Safeguarding issues, and Results, Grades and Appeals) may be found via the following Further Advice link below, and links to the Risk Assessment and Action Plan for return, and the Dos and Don’ts advice for safe behaviour around the site.



LINKS TO: Further Detailed Advice  Dos and Don'ts  Risk Assessment

Results Day Update

Friday 7th August 2020

Results Day Update


Ofqual has published a student guide for those receiving qualification results in England this summer. This guide should help students and their parents and carers understand how results have been awarded this year and where to find more information.

Ofqual has also written a letter to all schools and colleges ahead of results, giving information about the statistical standardisation process for GCSEs, AS and A levels and signposts resources for more information. The letter also outlines the approach to vocational and technical qualifications, gives information about sharing centre assessment grades, appeals, progression and the autumn series.

You can access both the student guide and the letter to schools and colleges here or by going directly to the following web address:

Ofqual is keen that as many students as possible are aware of the guide and will be publicising it through a social media campaign.

Finally, Ofqual has updated the guidance document Summer 2020 grades for GCSE, AS and A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths with an expanded section on the standardisation model. It also contains additional information in relation to Subject Access Requests for personal information after results are released.

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