Business (A-Level) Course

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This highly flexible course begins with a general introduction to Business.

You will study the nature and purpose of businesses and the different business forms including the varying types of leadership and management styles.

What we’ll study

The main focus of year one is the functional areas of the business – Marketing, Finance, Operations and Human Resources. For each functional area you will study its responsibilities and how it can help to improve the competitiveness of the business both locally and globally.

In the second year of the course we consider the business from a strategic, rather than functional, viewpoint. You will study the different strategic directions businesses will take and how they will then go about pursuing these strategies.

Your future

As well as considering Business as your higher education choice, this course is also useful for other degrees. This is because studying business helps you to develop a number of skills.

You will be given the opportunity to get involved in enterprise activities. In the past we have organised events with Young Enterprise and Peter Jones' NEA. We have also run some amazing enrichment trips ranging from overseas visits to New York and Washington to more local visits such as the Coca-Cola factory in Wakefield.

A good grade in Business at A Level can enable you to go on study at any university or go into the world of work. In particular, this subject helps students to develop a critical understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value.

Business will also provide you with the skills and knowledge to run and manage your own business, should you decide a future as an entrepreneur is for you.

How you’ll be assessed

The Business A Level is a linear qualification with all exams taking place at the end of the second year.


Level: A Level

Business is a highly applicable subject for a wide range of professions. A significant proportion of our students go on to study business-related degree courses at university – proof that Business is an enjoyable and interesting subject.

Examining Board: Pearson

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements.

GCSE Maths Grade 4 or above.

GCSE English Grade 4 or above.

GCSE Business Grade 4 or above (if previously studied).

Great subjects to partner Business A Level:

Accounting, Law, Economics and ICT are all strong companion subjects for Business, whether you are planning to study further at university or go into employment from college.

To discuss whether Business is right for you, please get in touch.


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