Chemistry (A-Level) Course

Molecule diagram used in a Chemistry (A-Level) course


This course will suit you if you are a keen scientist with a logical, enquiring mind, who enjoys practical investigations and understanding the key concepts which underpin the chemical sciences.

The decision to embark on A Level Chemistry should not be taken lightly. Chemistry is an incredibly popular, yet very demanding subject, you’ll be taking on two years of intensive study.

What we’ll study

By studying the fundamentals of chemical science, including the structure of atoms and ions, measurements of physical properties and the study of reactions, chemistry students soon learn how to apply their acquired theoretical principles into a range of new and exciting fields of chemical science, ultimately paving the way for future discoveries to benefit us all.

Students who choose the A Level Chemistry course will follow a programme of study over two years. The course allows students not only to increase the breadth and depth of their chemical understanding but will enable them to develop a wide range of practical, analytical and scientific skills which will prove to be invaluable in the future.

Some of the exciting topics which will be covered include:

Atomic Structure, Bonding , Chemical Calculations and Acids

The Periodic Table and Energy

Organic Chemistry and Analytical Techniques

Physical Chemistry and Transition Elements.

Our department

The chemistry department has close links with all the local universities, Manchester University, Salford University and Manchester Metropolitan University. We organise trips to their chemistry departments as well as attending chemistry talks and lectures throughout the year.

We actively encourage our students to take their chemistry outside of lessons with our chemistry club. Organised by students for students, the club allows the exploration of chemistry beyond the curriculum, with outside speakers, student presentations and fun laboratory practicals.

Your future

As a testing subject it is a very well-respected A Level.  Chemistry is essential for careers such as medicine, veterinary science, dentistry and pharmacy. It is also invaluable for progression into any science based subject area.

The skills and abilities developed over the two years in Chemistry are also highly regarded in almost every other possible career path.

How you’ll be assessed

Three written exams after two years and a practical endorsement achieved through a series of practical activities over the course.

At the end of the course, in addition to the A Level qualification, subject to successful completion of a series of chemistry experiments, you will also be awarded a practical endorsement certificate in Chemistry. This will demonstrate your achievement in a wide range of chemical experimental techniques.


Level: A Level

Examining Board: OCR

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements.

GCSE Chemistry grade 6 or above.

GCSE Maths grade 6 or above.

GCSE Combined Science grades 6/6. Applied Science qualifications are not accepted. If you have taken other science qualifications you will need to discuss this with us. Please do get in touch.

Great subjects to partner Chemistry A Level:

Maths, Physics and Biology are all strong companion subjects to study alongside Chemistry.

Contact: Dr I Sulaman


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