English Language (A-Level) Course

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If getting into the roots of English appeals to you, this is the course for you because we dig deep into the world’s language.

This is a course designed for students with a fascination for the English Language in all its forms; for those who like to read, write, and think about the power of words.

What we’ll study

Studying with us, you will follow the new Eduqas Linear English Language specification which is made up of four components, 20% of which is coursework. All of the exams will be at the end of the second year.

You will study a wide range of texts, from reviews and recipes to stories and speeches. Assessments will test your understanding of a range of language issues such as: language and gender, English in the 21st century, political correctness, language diversity and the difference between spoken and written English.

Creative writing for different audiences and purposes is also part of the course. You will learn about grammar and approaches to textual analysis so that as the course progresses you will know and use a wide range of linguistic terminology.

Your future

There’s a wealth of career and further study options open to students who choose this A Level. English Language is widely acknowledged as having a strong impact on your career prospects as it’s the number one language used in business around the globe.

How you’ll be assessed

Though mainly assessed through exams, there will be 20% coursework. You will get lots of opportunities to research and discuss personal areas of interest.


Level: A Level

Examining Board: Eduqas

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements.

Grade 4 or above in GCSE English Language and, preferably, English Literature. If Literature hasn’t been studied it must be because of timetabling issues, for example, having to choose between Literature and another subject.

Great subjects to partner English Language A Level:

English Literature, Modern Foreign Languages, Media Studies, History, Politics, Theatre Studies, Psychology, Geography, Law.

There’s a wealth of career and further study options open to students who choose this A Level.

We offer a range of English courses, so to discuss which will suit you best do get in touch.

Contact: Mrs E Rawsthorne

Email: ecr@holycross.ac.uk

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