Law (A-Level) Course

Justitia (Lady Justice) sculpture used to symbolise the A Level Law Course


The study of A Level Law gives a general insight into several areas which touch upon peoples’ lives, whilst the way it is taught and examined helps students develop many transferable skills such as: analysis, problem solving, argument and communication.

Law affects everyone throughout their daily lives, yet most people have little understanding of how the English legal system operates.

What we’ll study

This is a fascinating subject covering literally the whole range of human activity and it is constantly evolving so there is always something new to learn.

The AQA modular course means that you study two units in the first year for AS and a further two in the second year to convert to the A Level.

A variety of areas are studied including; sources of law, dispute solving (role of the courts and the legal professions), basic elements of criminal and civil liability and the law of homicide and non-fatal offences.

Your future

There are many opportunities available after completing the course. It obviously prepares those students who wish to continue with the study of Law at degree level and this may lead on to a career as a barrister or solicitor.

Some students may wish to train as legal executives and exemptions are given towards the ILEX award. It can also be useful to students who wish to pursue careers in the Police or Crown Prosecution Service as well as students wishing to pursue courses in criminology, social work, journalism, business and accountancy.

How you’ll be assessed

Mock exams will be taken in January and April, external ones in June.


Level: A Level

You must be comfortable with expressing legal argument in essay format. There is no need to have studied Law at GCSE, but it will obviously be helpful in gaining an insight into law.

Examining Board: OCR

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements. GCSE English, grade 4 or above.

GCSE Law (desirable)

Great subjects to partner A Level Law:

Law will mix and match with most subjects but English and Politics relate well with this course. History is another strong companion subject which is favoured by some of the best universities if you are considering Law as your career future.

To discuss whether Law is the right course for you, please get in touch.

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