Ancient History


If you are interested in finding out about what the world we live in inherited from Greece and Rome this is the course for you. This subject combines aspects of archaeology, literature, religion, theatre, history and study of society and warfare.

Everything from democracy to effective sewage systems and straight roads were developed by Greece and Rome. Studying the past can give us greater understanding of our present, and potentially our future.

In the first year you will look at ancient Greek society with a focus on the city and culture of Athens. You will look at a range of sources from classical historians such as Plutarch and Herodotus, as well as looking at the archaeological evidence surrounding how these cultures operated.

In the second year, you will study the Roman Empire from the rise of Emperor Augustus through to Domitian. You will be examining the key issues that these classical cultures faced as they tried to survive in a period of upheaval for the classical world.

There will be regular opportunities to bring History to life throughout your studies, including, visits to the British Museum.

How you’ll be assessed

You will sit two exams in June of your final year and your ability to write an essay and use sources will be assessed across all papers.


Your future

Ancient History is well regarded by most universities, for students who want to go on to study English, philosophy, theology, archaeology, history or ancient history. Career-related degrees, such as law, also welcome Ancient History at most higher education institutions.


Level:  A Level

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements

Grade 4 or above in GCSE History, if taken

Grade 4 or above in GCSE English

Great subjects to partner Ancient History A Level:

History, Art, English Language, English Literature, Modern Languages, Law, Sociology.

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