Politics is an established, widely recognised A Level with universities, and provides an excellent base for a wide range of careers.

What we’ll study

The syllabus includes three sections, two on British politics and one on American.

In the first year students will study British politics and topics will include the constitution, judiciary, Parliament, the Prime Minister and Cabinet as well as elections, voting behaviour and pressure groups.

In the second year of the course students will study political ideologies including conservatism, liberalism and socialism as well as US Politics, including US elections and voting behaviour, US political parties and pressure groups, as well as the US constitution, executive, legislature and judiciary.

If you decide to pursue this subject at university, you don't just have to aim to be an MP if you graduate in Politics. Otherwise, your job prospects would not be high!

Your future

There are several career paths for you to follow. Particular job areas include the civil service, social research, PA, consultancy work, charity work, human resources, local government, market research and sales, journalism, and PR. Several professional organisations offer specialised positions for Politics graduates, such as Macmillan.

How you’ll be assessed

You’ll sit a series of examinations at the end of your second year.


Level: A Level

Politics is an increasingly popular subject, being highly relevant to modern life. Our course covers both British and American politics, giving you a strong grounding in this fascinating subject.

Politics has enjoyed a high degree of academic success in recent years and an increasing number of students are continuing their politics studies at university.

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements.

GCSE English at grade 4 or above. An active interest in current affairs.

Great subjects to partner A Level Politics:

Business Studies, Economics, English, History, Law, Media Studies and Sociology all partner well with our subject and offer flexible options should you be pursuing this or other subjects at university.

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