Religious Studies

Religious Studies GCSE

This subject will suit you if:

  • You are willing to explore the views of others as well as examining your own opinions.
  • You enjoy expressing your opinions verbally and in essays.
  • You enjoy working and interacting with others.

This course will aid the development of study skills for Level 3 qualifications such as A Levels or BTECs.

What will I study?

GCSE Philosophy and Ethics offers students the opportunity for the study of religious responses to fundamental questions of life. This specification is suitable for candidates of any religious persuasion or none. There is no necessity for prior learning to undertake study of this specification.

Philosophy of Religion provides the opportunity for study of fundamental philosophical themes, including human experiences of evil and suffering and life after death. It will help you to acquire the ability to think logically, to analyse issues and to express ideas clearly.

Applied Ethics allows the exploration of the significance and impact of religious teachings and attitudes when approaching issues such as medical ethics, human relationships and social injustice.


Level: GCSE.

Entry Requirements: 3 GCSE grades at 3 and above and one GCSE at grade 4.

Assessment: four 1 hour exam papers in May/June.

Related Subjects: Psychology, Sociology, English, History, Physics, Biology.

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