German GCSE

Germany is a country with a rich culture and an equally fascinating language. This course will suit you if you have a particular interest in German or wish to study languages at university and want to try out a different language.

This is an exciting course which enables students to study a language that’s increasingly not offered by schools or colleges. As far as we are aware, we are the only sixth form college in the area to run this course!

There is a lack of native-British speakers of German, so your knowledge of German could be a useful professional asset for your career, especially in the sectors of science, engineering and business. It will give you the opportunity to study a beautiful language and gain an insight into Germany and its culture.

You are not expected to have any prior knowledge of German to achieve on this course. By the end of your studies you will have reached a level of linguistic competency high enough to achieve a good GCSE pass. Last year, the majority of our students gained a grade 8 on our GCSE language course.

A significant proportion of our students go on to higher education to study languages, either as part of a languages degree or alongside other subjects such as Business, Sciences or Law.


Level: GCSE

Entry Requirements: General College entry requirements for Level 3 courses. In addition, you should have at least a grade 5 in another language at GCSE.

Great subjects to partner GCSE German: A Level Modern Languages. Other course combinations for students who would like to study another language to GCSE level only.


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