Maths (GCSE) Course

Abstract fractal structure used to illustrate the GCSE Maths Course

GCSE Maths

GCSE Maths is an important foundation for many of the courses you may take in employment or further education. Most colleges and universities require GCSE Maths as an entry requirement, as do many jobs and careers.

Future Prospects

Almost all jobs and careers require you to have GCSE Maths. The following careers are some that would enable you to make a lot of use of your maths; economics, medicine, architecture, engineering, accountancy, teaching, banking, insurance, psychology, environmental studies, computing, information and communication technology and marketing.

What will I be studying?

The department offers the Edexel Linear GCSE Course. Students have the opportunity to re-sit in November.


Level: GCSE

Entry Requirements: 3 GCSE grades at 3 and above and one GCSE at grade 4.

Related Subjects: Psychology, Sociology, English.

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'Natural Spiral' used to illustrate the GCSE Maths Course

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Name: Mr T Kilduff