Psychology (GCSE) Course

GCSE Psychology

GCSE Psychology offers students the chance to study 6 different topic areas covering behaviours such as schizophrenia, memory, criminal behaviour and obedience. Content is modern, relevant and accessible, providing excellent progression to our A Level Psychology.

Future Prospects

Qualifications in Psychology can be a stepping stone to a career in Psychology, such as Educational, Clinical or Sports Psychology or can be beneficial for any career that involves an understanding of others such as Health professions, Law Enforcement, Advertising or Education.

What will I be studying?

The course enables the development of thinking, analysis and evaluation skills, and involves applying psychological theories and research to everyday life.

With a clear, straightforward structure, helping teachers and learners focus on the subject matter, this specification promotes a hands-on approach – the most effective way to understand research techniques utilised by psychologists when conducting research.

Students are assessed by 2 exams at the end of the year. Each paper tests knowledge and understanding of 3 topics including theories and research into the key behaviours studied, and a final section covering research methods used by psychologists to investigate behaviour. Each paper makes up 50% of the final grade.


Level: GCSE.

Entry Requirements: 3 GCSE grades at 3 and above and one GCSE at grade 4.

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A display in one of our GCSE Psychology Course rooms showing brain functionality

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