Sociology (GCSE) Course

GCSE Sociology

Students study key ideas of classical sociologists including Durkheim, Marx and Weber, referencing their view of the world and their contribution to the development of the discipline.  Students will also learn how to apply various research methods to different sociological contexts. They will be introduced to sociological terms and concepts concerned with social structures, social processes and social issues. 

 Topics include:-

1. The sociological approach

2. Social structures, social processes and social issues.

3. Families

4. Education

5. Crime and deviance

6. Social stratification

7. Sociological research methods

Assessment is through 2 exam papers of 1 hr and 45 minutes.


Level: GCSE

Entry Requirements: 3 GCSE grades at 3 and above and one GCSE at grade 4.

Exam Board: AQA


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