New Courses

Crime scene image representing our new Applied Criminology course

Every year at Holy Cross College we carefully review our academic provision in light of our experiences in delivering this and, crucially, by considering student feedback based on our existing courses and any new ones identified. In the past this has led to us introducing a number of new subjects; recently this new provision has included, as examples, Level 3 courses in Geology and Criminology.

A Level Reform

A levels recently underwent a major change to a system of two year, ‘linear’ A levels with the exams at the end (often referred to as 'terminal exams'). This is much like the system some parents may remember.

It differs from the more ‘modular’ system in place previously, when subjects were split into AS level (first year) and A2 level (second year), and modular exams could be taken in June each year (and previously in January also).

All A levels at Holy Cross now follow the linear model.

A Level at Holy Cross

We may consider an offer of AS levels to some students in particular subjects where this is felt to be appropriate. However, this offer would be independent of the A level programme and the AS grade would not count towards an A level grade in that subject at the end of the course. Any AS exams would also be taken at the end of the two year programme.

Crime scene image representing our new Applied Criminology course

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