Parents & Carers

Parents & Carers

Parents and Carers – Connect!

Our relationship with parent and carers plays an important part in our success. It is important to us that a full partnership exists between students, their parent or carers and ourselves. There are parent and carers evenings in the autumn term where you have the opportunity to meet the subject tutors as well as an information evening at the start of the year. In addition there is a spring term meeting in the first year to explore career progression opportunities.

Progress reports are generated during the year and this year we are introducing Connect - an online portal which gives access to key information at any time as required.  This can be accessed via the link below or the green icon at the bottom of the page. 

Students already have access through this portal to a great deal of information about their own progress and attendance, and you are strongly encouraged to join them in using it and discussing it with them on a regular basis.

In addition, we make individual contact with parents and carers where there is a need to do so and welcome contact and enquiries at any time. Whether it is a matter that can be quickly dealt with over the phone, or whether it means a visit to college to discuss issues in more detail, there is always a warm welcome for your involvement. It is crucial that you update the college if your contact details change, as we are more than happy to communicate by phone, mobile and email.

Student Information Available Online

Students are able to access Moodle and their Student Information pages from home once they have registered to do so in college. Therefore, you may wish to ask them to show you their electronic markbook and other progress information.

  • Personal details, including all contact numbers and home addresses
  • Timetable
  • Unexplained absences from lessons
  • Course progress and targets
  • College entry qualifications
  • Exam timetable and results
  • Markbook (a list of coursework undertaken, with results, for every subject taken)

Student Attendance

If a student is absent due to illness, we request that you ring Student Services preferably before 9am and every subsequent day of absence.

If college has not received formal notification relating to an absence from you (ie:phone call or letter) the absence will remain unauthorised. Students are only given one week from the last date of absence to bring in a note (signed by their parent/guardian/carer only).

It is expected that all doctor and dentist appointments are made outside of timetabled lessons, however, when this is not possible, please phone college in advance (ie before the day of the appointment). If it is a last minute emergency appointment, the student must take the appointment card from the doctors, dentist etc. to Student Services.

Leave of Absence

This covers a variety of reasons why a student needs to be absent from college, eg: holidays in term time, planned medical operations, representing the college at sport etc.

We would ask that you do not book holidays in term time. From our previous experience, students who do not attend college and lessons will not meet their full potential and are therefore disadvantaged. If extended leave is booked in term time then the following procedure should be adhered to and exam dates and coursework deadlines should be taken into account.

1. The student must see their Senior Tutor who will then issue a 'Leave of Absence' form.

2. The 'Leave of Absence' form must be signed by parent/guardian/carer, the student, all subject staff, exams staff and Senior Tutor. This form must be accompanied by a letter from parent/guardian/carer giving full details of the reason why you are taking extended leave in term time.

3. If permission is granted by the Senior Tutor, the student must return the completed form and letter to Student Services

If the form has not been returned to Student Services before the leave commences, the absence shall remain unauthorised. It is the student's responsibility to collect all missed work from their tutors. On return from authorised leave, the Senior Tutor will place the student on the college review system, level one, this sanction will be removed when the Senior Tutor is fully satisfied that the individual has completed all missed work and deadlines to an acceptable standard.

Parents & Carers
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