Mission Links - International Students Programme (Hong Kong and Macau)

About the Programme

Holy Cross College welcomes appropriately qualified students from all over the world to join its vibrant community. Currently we have particular opportunities for Hong Kong and Macau students holding appropriate EU passports, through our partnership with Mission Links

As a student you'll be encouraged to achieve excellent grades and will benefit from outstanding opportunities for personal discovery and development as well as learn about different cultures from other students and staff. A Catholic college which welcomes students and staff of all faiths, Holy Cross is a wonderful place to focus on academic learning while at the same time developing as a person, through friendships, activities, sport, philosophy, music, drama or art.


Responsibility for this side of student life is taken by Mission Links for students from Hong Kong & Macau. They take the social and emotional care of our international students as seriously as we do their academic care.

Mission Links have a network of host families with whom students can stay and only use top quality families, who are known personally to them.

International Student Welfare Officer

In addition to the daily ongoing support you will receive from your homestay hosts, Mission Links has an International Student Welfare Officer living and working in Bury who will oversee and monitor your welfare. Additional welfare support you will receive:

  • An (optional) induction week before college starts, to help you prepare for study and living in the UK
  • Help with registration for UK medical services
  • Help with opening bank accounts and getting an English SIM card
  • Help with registration for college courses
  • Help with buying resources needed for college courses
  • Monitoring of academic progress with your college tutors and written feedback to parents
  • Organisation of specialist extra private tuition (at extra cost) in all subjects outside college hours and during holidays, if desired
  • Weekly contact with your student welfare officer.

Once you are offered a place at the college Mission Links will match you with a host family and send you their profile details.

Apply for a Place

Candidates from Hong Kong or Macau should contact our agent, Mission Links, who will assist you in all aspects of applying and studying at Holy Cross.

Agent's Contact Details:

Name:Mr Herman Chiu
Mission Links UK Educational
35 Alfreton Road
NG16 6DL

Phone:01773 583388
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