English, Maths & Science Equivalency Tests

Provided by Edge Hill University.

GCSE and Level 2 Qualifications

If you are applying to University but you do not have the desired GCSE or Level 2 qualifications required for your chosen course, then you may want to consider one of Edge Hill's equivalency programmes.

Standalone tests can be sat here at Holy Cross in:

GCSE Mathematics equivalency

GCSE English equivalency

GCSE Science equivalency

Level 2 Literacy & Numeracy equivalency

Visit www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/equivalency to request sign up for the course and receive the revision pack.

You will then be able to study at home and then sit the tests on one of the dates specified by Edge Hill.

Fees TBC.

The equivalency tests meet the GCSE and Level 2 entry criteria for Edge Hill University courses only  and do not necessarily hold any currency with other institutions.  If you are applying elsewhere please check with the relevant provider before signing up to the tests.



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