Dr. Daveth Frost, College Principal Retires

Monday 3rd August 2020

Dr. Daveth Frost, College Principal Retires

On 15th August, Dr Daveth Frost will be stepping down Principal of Holy Cross College and University Centre – a position he has held for the last 12 years. During that time the College has continued to grow and flourish as an integral part of Bury life.

Dr. Frost said, “I am proud of the excellent outcomes our hard-working students and staff have achieved together, year on year. Results in the last two years in particular have been an excellent vindication of the ever-advancing teaching and learning initiatives at the College, confirming its place in the top ten nationally, among sixth form colleges. This focus on innovation in teaching and learning (and supporting students pastorally) has paid off with exceptional remote learning for students during the Covid-19 lockdown. Students coming in September can look forward, once again, to state-of-the-art support and expertise.”

Daveth has been a familiar part of Bury life over the 12 years, through active involvement in local causes and organisations, in the Bury Wider Leadership Group, the Bury Strategic Education Group and initiatives to help the disadvantaged, under-achieving or particularly challenged students of the borough have access to first rate opportunities in the future, working alongside Bury Council. He said “I have enjoyed working with all Bury’s Council Leaders and Chief Executives over many years: I hope they feel I have committed myself to ‘Bury the Place’ while I have been serving here, and taken an interest in multiple aspects of the borough’s life. It has been a privilege to serve this wonderful community’

As a long-serving head in the Catholic family of schools, Dr. Frost says he will also miss working in and for the Diocese of Salford, “The Catholic community here, and the Christian ethos of Holy Cross, has been precious to me.” He will be returning to the Archdiocese of Cardiff, which was his home for 17 years before he came to the North West. “There is something special in common between South Wales and the North West – and indeed the North East, where I worked before” he has said. “It has a certain homely, welcoming sense of community. We have made real friends here, and my wife and family will always hold a special place for Bury in our hearts.”

The new Principal will be Carina Vitti, a former Assistant Principal at Holy Cross and currently Vice Principal of Aquinas College, Stockport. Ms Vitti attended St Joseph’s RC High School (now Holy Family) in Heywood and studied at Holy Cross herself, in the time of Sr Mary Kelly. Dr Frost said “Carina’s appointment underlines a real sense of continuity of tradition at Holy Cross, allied to exciting and progressive new ideas. I’m sure Bury will take her to its heart, as it did me.’

We wish Daveth a long and fruitful retirement and thank him for his service at Holy Cross, and in Bury, over the last 12 years.

Look how much we've raised!

Monday 20th July 2020

Look how much we've raised!

A huge thank you for the amazing fundraising efforts and contributions to our various charity events this academic year. The amount raised was over £5,000, supporting 20 charities including our own Student Hardship Fund that goes to support our students in times of need.

This would not have been possible without the support of staff, students and our 4C group.

Biology Olympiad Webinars.

Monday 6th July 2020

Biology Olympiad Webinars.

This week we have two teams from our Y12 Biology cohort representing Holy Cross competing in the Edge Hill Virtual Biology Olympiad. They are competing against other local sixth form colleges in a range of activities including a Species Identification quiz, Fruit DNA Extraction and a Human Heart Workshop! 

Good Luck from all at Holy Cross.



Thursday 2nd July 2020


In the final week of term, Psychology students were asked to create a consolidation piece linked to their recent learning. The activity had the scope for creative responses. Here we see Hadiya Rehman’s stop motion animation that illustrates how a presynaptic neuron sends messages to the post synaptic neuron via neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft. Hadiya explains, “They travel over and bind with the receptors on the post synaptic neuron. Then, to clear the synaptic cleft, the neurotransmitters that are left are taken back up by the presynaptic neuron.”


COVID-19 Advice

Tuesday 30th June 2020

COVID-19 Advice

• We do hope all our students and staff have as wonderful a summer holiday as possible, so they can arrive refreshed for an exciting new term in the autumn.

• College will be closed to students throughout the summer, so you cannot come in without an appointment arranged through a senior member of staff, until Enrolment begins.

• Enrolment for new students begins on Friday 21st August, and will take a full week to allow full social distancing and safety, and avoid all forms of crowding. On the advice of the high schools, we are allowing GCSE Results Day this year to remain free for appointments at schools and celebrations. Please wait patiently for your appointment to enrol – you will not be disadvantaged by the spacing out of appointments to ensure safe enrolment.

• The exact dates for the resumption of on-site teaching for existing students will be posted here soon after Results Day. Students should ensure they are available from the beginning of September.

• We are planning for every possible scenario this autumn: (1) full reopening to all students in a completely normal way; (2) a new, state-of-the-art ‘blended learning’ experience for all students, based on our considerable experience of running a University Centre, with online lectures/live lessons, small group tutorials/seminars in College, and engaging assignments/presentations, in preparation for a return to normal timetable as soon as the Government permits; (3) a fully online model of live teaching lectures and tutorials, if lockdown returns.

• We will let you know during Enrolment week what the latest Government advice is, and how much we can be on-site, and how much we need to be online, in the first few weeks. We are certainly hoping to be 100% back in College relatively early in the new academic year.

During term time, we will continue to make available appropriate care for the most vulnerable, those with High Needs, students whose parents are Key Workers, and students who have pastoral worries or other significant issues requiring one-to-one support. Existing students should all contact their relevant Progress Tutors (Support Tutors in the UC) by email in the first instance, for any assistance required. Note, however, that there are no plans for students or teaching/pastoral staff to be on-site over the summer – please allow staff their out-of-hours times and their holidays.

All general enquiries should still be directed via email to

More detail (including for new students looking forward to joining us next year, or urgent Safeguarding issues) may be found via the following Further Advice link below, and links to the Risk Assessment and Action Plan for return, and the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ advice for safe behaviour around the site.

LINKS TO: Further Detailed Advice  Dos and Don'ts  Risk Assessment

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The College site is now closed to students until after the summer holidays (except where arranged with senior staff for a specific reason). Following the end of this teaching term, preparations are underway for an exciting start to the new academic year. We will recover from lockdown in innovative ways, really helping both our new and current students to settle in and make rapid academic progress. More detail on all our Covid-19 arrangements under ‘Latest News’.