Holy Cross offers a wide range of Enrichment activities which you can take part in, in addition to your academic studies. Although this is completely optional, we believe in creating a balance between studying for your qualifications and doing something you find personally rewarding.


Some examples of the activities on offer range from:

  • Subject related educational visits and field trips
  • Competitive and recreational sport
  • Music, dance and drama
  • Charity and Chaplaincy based work
  • Work experience and volunteer opportunities
  • College groups e.g. Physics Club, Debate Club etc.


Holy Cross encourages you to get involved in a range of enrichment activities, as many universities and employers will want to know what interests you have beyond your studies. It also gives you the opportunity to meet different people and learn something new. Whatever you choose you will find plenty of opportunity to broaden your horizons and get the most out of your time at Holy Cross.

Clubs & Societies

Clubs and societies change on a termly basis, but here is a list of some examples of the groups, clubs and societies pupils can engage with depending on demand and interest of students:-

  • 4C Charities and Campaign Group
  • Amnesty International
  • Animé Club
  • Biology extension group
  • Book Club
  • Chaplaincy
  • Chemistry extension group
  • Chess Club
  • College Blog
  • Conservation Group
  • Debate Club
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Economics Club
  • Equality and Diversity Group
  • Holy Cross TV
  • Jazz Band
  • Medics and Vets Club
  • Orchestra
  • Physics Club
  • Psychology TED talks
  • Radio Podcasting
  • Sports Leaders Award
  • Sports Team
  • Student Representatives Committee (SRC)
  • Student Governor

You can find out more about each of these clubs/societies at our 'Freshers Fair' which follows enrolment and also via our bespoke 'Enrichment' site https://www.hccenrichment.co.uk/


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