Registering to Access Moodle

Moodle is the name of Holy Cross College's intranet. Within Moodle you will find college news, information regarding exams, student services, IT facilities and much more. Most importantly you will also find an area for each of the subjects you will study at the college.

To access Moodle initially you must log onto a PC or laptop in the College. Clicking the internet explorer icon will take you to the Moodle home page from where you will be able to access practically any information you require regarding the College or the subjects you are taught.

Moodle is also available for you to use at home by clicking the link below. However to use this link you must register via a College PC first.

To register...

1. Log on to a PC/Laptop in the College and double-click the internet explorer icon.

2. The Moodle home page should now appear - highlight the Student Areas link in the menu bar near the top of the screen.

3. From the list that appears, click Student Intranet From Home.

4. Enter your usual college username and password to continue.

5. You are now on the register page. Once you have agreed to the statements and have clicked I Agree you will now be able to access Moodle from your home PC or laptop.

Logging into Moodle Remotely

After registering to access Moodle remotely using the steps outlined above you can click here or use the link below to open Moodle.

You will be asked to type in your college e-mail address and password to confirm that you are a student of Holy Cross College. Please ensure that you do enter your entire e-mail address ( and not just your username (eg: smithaal10).

Once your e-mail and password has been verified Moodle will appear and you will be able to browse through it's pages as if you were sat at a college PC.

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