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Oluwalonimi Owoyemi
- Law, Drama and English

Oluwalonimi Owoyemi

My time at Holy Cross has been a monumental time in my life which has given me the space to grow and develop as a person. I was able to learn discipline and was provided with a supportive learning environment and excellent resources to help ensure I achieved my full potential. I was able to realise strengths I did not know I had and was pushed to work on weaknesses and had the belief and support of my teachers to ensure I didn't get complacent.

Holy Cross presented me with opportunities such as playing in the college football team which is all inclusive. The live nights which helped build my confidence in performance and helped me play music with my band. I was also involved in the college Musical ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ which was a hugely rewarding experience, one I will never forget.

In the future I hope to study Law at university but to keep performing because I love it. It's a hard choice but just like me in the right college I believe that things will naturally fall into place with a sprinkle of hard work and persistence. Principles that Holy Cross instilled in me.