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Lucy Glynn
- Law, Psychology, English Language

Lucy Glynn

The two years I spent at Holy Cross were crucial in shaping my future career choices.

I first began my studies in Law at Holy Cross and from the interest I developed here, I then spent the following four years learning about the subject in great detail at both Undergraduate and Masters level.

I will be continuing these further studies again later this year when I begin my PhD. Without the high quality of teaching, pastoral support, and extracurricular opportunities I experienced at Holy Cross, I may not ultimately have gone on to succeed in gaining the further qualifications I have.

I am now back at Holy Cross working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Law department, a role which I have found to be incredibly rewarding. This has given me the opportunity to begin my career in education by giving back to those who are in the position I was 6 years ago, in the first steps of their potential future career path.