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Scarlett Griffiths
- Drama and Theatre studies, English Literature, Textiles

Scarlett Griffiths

My time at Holy Cross has been an incredibly formative experience, shaping me into the person I am, building my confidence through college productions and other enrichment activities like LAMDA enabling me to take the next steps into drama school.

Throughout my time on the drama course, I have been surrounded by a network of support from both staff and peers creating a safe and welcoming environment that allowed me to engage my full creative potential.

The blend of my subjects; Theatre Studies, English Literature and Textiles allowed me to combine both practical and academic studies all ultimately supporting my next steps.

The memories I have made at Holy Cross are ones I will take with me throughout my life and ultimately the lessons I have learnt have equipped me with the knowledge I need to access my goals in the future.

Time spent after Holy Cross: LIPA September 2023