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Spencer Bland
- Business, Geography, Sociology

Spencer Bland

Make the most of your two years at Holy Cross! My future is brighter than ever thanks to the support I received.

One thing I would say is to get involved! In my first year I didn’t look to get into any extracurricular activities. However, with the push of Miss Collins, I found ‘The Collective’ and that is where my passion for business and management thrived. I used the experience from The Collective to get an amazing opportunity working as a business apprentice with Network Rail.

‘The Collective’ is an eclectic group of inspired young artists at Holy Cross College. It has grown to be an exemplary demonstration of student initiative and capability, now operating as a self-run, highly developed organisation where skills as Art & Design students are put into practice, having held exhibitions attended by thousands of people, produced over 7,000 publications, and raised over £8,000 as a successful business to fund their work.

Time spent after Holy Cross: Business Apprenticeship with Network Rail September 2023