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Victoria Hodgkinson
- BA Hons in Education and History

Victoria Hodgkinson

When I started my journey at Holy Cross University centre I had already been working in education for 10 years. During that time I never lost my dream of one day becoming a history teacher, however, I felt for me the dream was out of reach. My time in secondary education had left me feeling out of place and incapable of reaching my goals, challenges in my home life reaffirmed my belief that I’d never be good enough.

With encouragement from work colleagues I was convinced to look into further education and that’s when I discovered Holy Cross. From the moment I walked into the university centre I received the warmest of welcomes from Anne-Marie, my support tutor, who's belief and encouragement in me never wavered and her confidence in me guided me throughout my time at the university centre.

I truly enjoyed every moment of my studies and found the teaching to be informative and exciting. The opportunity to socialise and build up friendships with those who shared my passion for History acted as a lifeline for me as I not only grew educationally, but also personally to which I was able to make changes that have transformed my life and the life of my children.

For me Holy Cross was originally a means to progress in my career and as I look to move into my teacher training/further education it has helped me fulfil that goal and achieve a BA Honours Degree in Education and History. However, Holy Cross for me has provided so much more. It is the belief that I can do anything I put my mind to, its family and friendship and new beginnings and with each new student crossing the door into the university centre you’re not just a name or a degree statistic, you matter to Holy Cross and this is the place to be to realise you dreams.

Thank you Holy Cross and all the wonderful staff there, I will never forget you and be grateful to you always.