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Course TypeSixth Form Centre
Course LevelA-Level
Awarding BodyPearson


The History Department is a thriving centre of historical teaching and learning, providing a supportive environment for students at a vibrant college with a national reputation for excellence.

We offer a stimulating environment for historical learning that aims to be both enjoyable and intellectually challenging. Our A Level programmes provide our students with a wide choice of courses, opportunities to engage in original historical research, and embody a strong focus on personal development.

What we’ll study

When we study History we can never experience what we are studying, but we can look at the evidence that has been left behind and question what we see. They say that history is always written by the victors, this is a very valid point. As explorers in history we sometimes have to ask awkward questions and learn not to take what we’re told at face value.

As well as developing the skills to ask questions, you’ll learn how to argue well and put together your case. You can see now why History partners so well with Law; here are very similar skills being honed in both subject areas.

In the first year of your A Level studies you will study two modules. The first on the Tudors, 1485 to 1603 and then Germany, 1918 to 1989.

In year two you will study a further two modules.  You will complete a piece of coursework which examines the Final Solution and then a final module on Fascist Italy 1911-46.

Your future

There are a huge range of career choices open to you, from journalism, politics and town planning to tourism and law. Yes, you could even become a historian, or work in a museum or teach history, but it’s a fantastic subject for opening career doors.

How you’ll be assessed

You will sit the three exams in June of your final year and your ability to write an essay and use sources will be assessed across all papers.


Level: A Level

History is about exploring the events and developments which have shaped today’s world. Through doing this you also develop skills relevant to the world of work, such as the processing of large amounts of varied information, and the ability to devise and present argument – both oral and written – concisely and fluently.

Examining Board: Pearson

Entry Requirements:

General College entry requirements.

GCSE History, if taken, at grade 4 or above.

GCSE English, grade 4 or above.

Great subjects to partner A Level History:

English Language, English Literature, Modern Languages, Law, Sociology, Politics and Ancient History are all strong subjects to work well with this course. If you’re planning on applying for Law at university, or similar highly competitive courses, History is a perfect partner A Level. Russell Group universities highly recommend History.


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