Sport Enrichment September 2023


1st Vs Rochdale 1st 101 - 12

POM: Millie De Jager


1st Vs Rochdale 1st 3 -

Goal Scorers: Archie Mills, Tom Yorke-Robinson and Adam Khattak. POM: Alfie McDowall

2nd Vs Rochdale 2nd 5-0

Goal Scorers: Cam Jacketts, Eli Buckley, Jamie Macadam. POM: Jamie Macadam

Girls Football

Vs Winstanley = 3-1

Goal Scorers: Summer West, Leah Hancock, Lucy Earnshaw: POM: Lucy Earnshaw


Sports Scholar

Congratulations to Annabelle Amadin who competes in both shot and discus.

She placed 1st in the Welsh International Event 1st in Northern 2nd English Schools