Ex-student, Hannah Harrison joins COP 27 UK's Youth Delegation

COP 27 is in full swing, and one of our ex-students, Hannah Harrison, has joined the proceedings as part of the UK's Youth Delegation.

Hannah is in charge of the delegation's posts on Instagram and Twitter, which can be found here if you wish to follow: 



Since returning Hannah has been quite busy.  She's been interviewed for several podcasts, such as this podcast

Hannah also plans to create a guide illustrating the routes young people from the UK can take to get themselves to a COP, and what they might expect there, "There are so many barriers to getting yourself there (funding, acquiring a badge, accommodation etc.). Even if you manage to get all of that, being able to make the most of your time at a COP (by knowing where certain events are, how to network, and how to understand the negotiations) isn’t really acknowledged enough."

We've been sharing Hannah's story with our R.E. students as she's definitely a witness to the values of the Daughters of the Cross.